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Friday, January 14, 2011

A comment on Fine Art America web site

Fine Art America is probably one of the premier sites for print on demand and when i joined a few years ago, it was pretty good to hang around and talk about art, politics, and religion if you wanted to. The artists on there are a really good bunch of people but the site is going down hill fast.
The search on the site is so biased that certain artists seem to be on the front of all the searches and everyone else is left in the dust. I can see where it would be o.k to do this if they were just accepting art to sell randomly, but when they charge for the honor and then don't use the search equally through all the artists, it becomes almost fraud the way it is used now.
The forum use to be a place to go and show off your latest creation, discuss politics, or about anything you thought important at the time but now they have a moderator that if she doesn't agree with you just shuts you off and doesn't allow any thoughts that are not her own to go forward for discussion.
No doubt in my mind, I can get a little opinionated in my thoughts and beliefs, but I do listen to others before I get mad and spout off. I am not afraid to listen to another viewpoint, but they are getting so you can't say a thing without the "politically correct" police smack you.
Don't go there if you expect fair treatment from a site. It don't happen.
One other thing. They are getting where copyright of artist or creators means nothing to them. If you dare, just go to there search and type in disney. Amazing how much work they have on there not created by the artists and is for sale.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

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